Using the Site

I'm a beginning/intermediate/advanced student. How can I get the best use out of this site?

Beginners would benefit from the Glossary section of the site, and karate-ka of all ranges of experience will benefit from perusing our listed books, DVDs, kata, and videos. To that end we have tags to facilitate searches such as kihonkata, kumiteinstructional, and bunkai, as well as for particular kata. There are some truly exemplary or inspiring performances of karate technique in some, while in others are explanations that at the least provide a different point of view. We even have a nifty training session generator, adjustable to skill level, for doing the work on figuring out what to practice for the day. The more advanced or curious can browse through our profiles on important people in karate to get an idea of the founders behind the current, dominant organizations of Shotokan, whose approaches to karate provide key insight to many important questions: why Shotokan karate has developed into the system of techniques it is today, how Shotokan has traveled from East to West, the function of competition in an ostensibly lethal martial art, etc.

I'm a parent/partner/friend of a karate-ka, but I don't train. What's in this site for me?

There are a lot of stereotypes that martial artists must face that are not helped by the proliferation of contradictory teaching principles and methods - some arguably by instructors that are karate-ka in name only. For this reason, it helps to know a little of the history and philosophy of Shotokan karate. For history, check out {p=1} profile, for the spread and standardization of Shotokan, {p=3} profile, and for the philosophy, some of the approaches within the people profiles. Looking through the videos tagged as kata and kumite would also give you a sense of what it is like to train in Shotokan karate.